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The Guatemalan Birding Resource Center offers tours to the three principle birding regions within easy reach of Quetzaltenango: the Western Highlands (El Altiplano), the Pacific Coast Foothills (La Boca Costa), and the Pacific Coast Lowlands (La Costa). Each tour leaves from Quetzaltenango and lasts from one to four days, depending on the season, choice of transportation, and the birderís interests.

If you bring a camera, decide on your priorities beforehand: Do you want to see the maximum number of birds or photograph what you happen to see?  The two activities are often mutually exclusive!  Please let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements.

In the Pacific Coast Lowlands, and at times in the Pacific Coast Foothills, be prepared for tropical heat.   While the temperatures depend on the season, and the mangrove swamps, beaches and forest canopies often give welcome relief, it is a good idea to always drink lots of liquids.

Fulvous Whistling Ducks
First ever Guatemalan record. 
Photo Jason Berry, 7/20/00 (marshes near GBRC beach house).

We always encourage people to simply show up at GBRC, but since our guides are often out birding when they are not working, reservations are strongly recommended.  Please e-mail us to indicate which tour interests you and how many are in your party.  Include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, general fitness level of members in your party, and the dates you expect to be in Guatemala.  In order to keep your reservation, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total cost must be received two weeks prior to tour date if you pay by money order, and three weeks prior to tour date if paying by personal check.  Money orders are the preferred form of payment.  GBRC will mail you a receipt and provide you with other relevant information. The balance is due the day before the tour.  Deposits made from outside Guatemala should be mailed to:

Guatemalan Birding Resource Center
c/o Anne Berry, North American Representative
7361 Hawthorne Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46250 USA

We at GBRC strive to keep our tours as economical as possible while at the same time upholding a standard of quality our members and clients have come to expect. As always, 10% of our earnings are donated to conservation organizations so that Guatemala continues to be a great place to bird. See our conservation section.

For more information about the specific tours, select the birding regions that interest you.

Western Highlands (El Altiplano)

Pacific Coast Foothills (La Boca Costa)

Pacific Coast Lowlands (La Costa)


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