GBRC Resource Library
The GBRC Resource Library has a wide variety of titles available for visiting and local birders. Books can be consulted in the library or checked out by leaving a deposit. Take advantage of the various perspectives offered by different field guides for those tough bird identifications. Or just come on by the Center to have some coffee, relax, read and talk birds! Here are some selected titles:

Field Guides

A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America, Howell and Webb, 1995.

A Field Guide to Mexican Birds, Peterson and Chalif, 1973 (includes Guatemala).

The Birds of Tikal, Smithe and Trimm, 1966.

A Field Guide to the Warblers of North America (Petersonís), Dunn and Garrett, 1997.

A Field Guide to the Hawks of North America (Petersonís), Clark and Wheeler, 1987.

Natural History and Reference

Where Have All the Birds Gone? (neotropical migrants), Terborgh, 1989.

North American Owls: Biology and Natural History, Johnsgard and Agassiz Fuertes, 1988.

The Birds of Tropical America, Hilty, 1994.

The Ecology and Conservation of Neotropical Migrant Landbirds, Hagan and Johnston, 1992.

The Ecology of Migrant Birds: A Neotropical Perspective, Rappole, 1995.

Timber, Tourists, and Temples: Conservation and Development in the Mayan Forest of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico, Primack, Bray, Galletti, Ponicano, 1998.

The Diversity of Life, Wilson, 1992.

Backpacking in Central America, Burford, 1996.

Adventuring in Central America, Wallace, 1995.


Birdersí Digest (1995 to Present)

Wildbird (1991 to Present)


The GBRC Resource Library stocks not only country, city and road maps, but also a large selection of topographical maps of popular birding areas.

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