Guatemalan Birding
Resource Center

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

There are few places like Guatemala that pack such a rich diversity of birding habitats and species into such a small area.  The Guatemalan Birding Resource Center was founded precisely to help birdwatchers take full advantage of the opportunities to explore this country’s dizzying variety of birdlife and many unique species.  Our mission at GBRC is to promote quality birding in Guatemala, making it as affordable, accessible, rewarding and fun as possible for both resident and visiting birdwatchers, while at the same time advancing environmental education and conservation efforts through workshops and donations.

Novice, expert, leisure, academic – we offer resources to every level of birder:  maps, checklists, field guides, binoculars, tours, experienced guides, as well as that indispensable “inside information” on great birding spots and where to find key species.  For listers who are coming to Guatemala to add to their life list we offer special custom guiding services. Our guides will help you make the most of your time here, and help you come away with as many "lifers" possible.

For those planning your own outings, we also offer logistical support with hotels and lodging, meals, car and bike rental, and ground-air-water transportation.

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